Frequently Asked Question

What the EYU unicycle package includes?
5 parts. One unit unicycle, Assist learning belt, Auxiliary wheels, charger, Instruction book.
What’s the weight of the EYU unicycle ?
Net weight 9.8kg
How long is the battery life? Is it changeable?
Battery charge can be more than 1000 times, the battery can be replaced (not in the warranty period to remove the machine.
Are there age limits for driving with EYU vehicle?
There is no absolute age limit, but it is recommended 16 years of age and 45 years of age at the time of driving someone to accompany users.
Does it feel unconfortable after driving a long time?
It will not feel unconfortable if you drive in right way.
What’s the advantage of the EYU vehicle?
EYU Unicycle itself all the parts are made of high quality materials and the use of advanced production technology manufacturing. Thus ensuring its machine itself ruggedness, durability, safety
And stability, and the country therefore has a similar brand name products compared to the absolute essential advantage.
What is the use of EYU unicycle?
As a personal transport daily trip, also can be used as daily recreation and fitness tools.
How long is the warranty?
In general, it is 1 year. As your needs, we can provide longer paid maintenance service.
Where to buy the EYU unicycle?
You can buy directly from our website, or you can buy from the offline shop.
Will it damage when the beginner crash it ?
No, it will not damage when normally crash.
Is it hard to learn to drive?
It depends. At most time, half a day is enough to learn to drive.
How to see the wheel inflation?
Press the wheel by hands to check.
How long is the wheel life? Where to change it?
In normal it is 1 year. You can change the wheel through our after-sale service.
How long is the charging time?
In general it needs 1 hour.
What is the load weight?
About 120 kg
What is the highest speed and range per charge?
The highest speed is 16 km/h. The longest range per charge is 79km, it depends on the road condition.
On what condition can we return the goods?
When you find the unicycle housing is damage badly or cannot set up normally, we can provide return service.
How you charge of the after-sale service in the warranty time and beyond warranty time?
In warranty time, we are in charge of the shipping cost and accessories cost. Beyond the warranty period, you need pay the shipping cost and accessories cost.
How long will it return the money into our account?
As usual, it needs 2-3 days. (sometimes the account is not available)
Will the unicycle notice me when stop working for low power?
Yes. When it is low power, the unicycle light will turn red and the vehicle will shake heavily.

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