Eyu Electric Unicycle Learning Instruction

Preparation Before Using
Please wear comfortable casual coat or sporting cloth and flat shoes for the first time using Eyu electric unicycle.
Please warm up and make your body in good condition.Keep good attitude
(Because afraid of falling, it may come with strong psychological barriers. Eyu electric unicycle pedal distance to ground only 10cm, if you standing jump the height should more than 10cm right ?
So will you afraid of jump falling ? Just keep in mind that keep human safey first) 
For the beginner,pls put on helmet,golves,kneecap and ankel guard to avoid accident.Take the Eyu electric unicyle to the capacious place and make sure the ground are flat and no obvious barrier.

Operation Step For Beginners:
Keep the Eyu electric unicyle by one hand. Make sure it straight to the ground. Turn on the power button.
Lay down both side pedal. Leg parallellized to the Eyu electric unicycle's both side. Suggest you lean on the baluster or wall when training. It's better get two compained. One People left side, one right side to help you.
It more safety and help you finish the learning much faster.
Put your left or right(According to your habit)  feet on one side pedal. Make sure feet stay in middle of the pedal.
Make sure body straight naturelly and eyes watch forwad.Barycentry move to the leg which standing on ground and keeping body balance.
Keep the position as 3rd told and move body barycentry to the feet which steped on the pedal. Try to get away from ground and search the balancing point. Until you can make your leg straigh in short time by one feet standing on the pedal.
Obey the above steps and try to sliding forward by one foot until you can keep long time sliding by one feet.
Sliding by one foot and keep balancing, then you can put another foot on the pedal too. Release both side shrank,Put both feet on pedal to keep balancing when driving.
After familiar with the straight driving slowly. Then try to move body barycentry or control both feet right or left moving to change the driving direction according to your own situation.

The beginner can use the training belt as important learning tool when first time using Eyu electric unicycle. The trainning belt can help beginner avoid unicycle running away due to the rusty of operation.

1. Beginner's ago below 16 or above 45 should get someone help when learning.
2. Make sure the battery do have enough power and the tyre pressure are normal
3.Pls do not drive fast when you are not familiar with the unicycle.Pls speed up slowly.

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